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About Us

If you want to get fantastic roofing service, then consider reaching out to Fine Line Roofing. Harrison and his team are ready to provide you with outstanding service from beginning to end.

About the Owner

Harrison Lucero

Fine Line Roofing is a family-owned business owned by Harrison Lucero. He started roofing when he was 12 years old, working with his father. From there, he’s worked on construction sites and in numerous roles, including project manager. He wanted to make sure that people got the best roof for their money and, as such, went into business on his own. He has over ten years of experience, and he and his team are known for their ability to complete the job effectively and quickly. They are also able to fit clients in sooner than other companies and complete jobs fast. If you’re ready to learn more, then reach out today.

We Offer Free Ridge Vent Upgrades for Newly-Signed Contracts

Our Full Range of Services

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Roof Replacement

If you need to get a brand-new roof, then consider reaching out to us. We’re proud to provide our clients with outstanding roof replacement service.

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Roof Repair

Have you noticed that your roof is damaged? Don’t wait around to get it fixed; just reach out to our professionals to request roof repair service.

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Roof Inspection

If you want to get an idea of what your roof’s condition is like, then consider getting a roof inspection from our professionals. Learn more today.